Non- Prime Is Back

Easy to qualify

Integrity First is happy to announce  we are once again originating non-prime loans. If you have a  low, credit score, or no history of making housing payments, we can get you a loan. If you have recently been subject to foreclosure or a short-sale you can still qualify. You can get a loan for only 25% down with no mortgage insurance.

Non-prime loans can be a versatile tool

If your low credit score is keeping you from accessing the equity in your home a non-prime, cash-out refinance can help you get the money you need. You can even use a cash-out refinance to consolidate old debt into one, low-rate, monthly payment. If your worry about a high interest rate, ask about non-prime ARMs. Use the time you have your introductory rate to build credit then refinance to a FHA or Conventional loan.   Apply online or call us for a free consultation. If you thought there was no way you could ever get a home loan, call the mortgage professionals at Integrity First Financial.