No Cost Loan

Our Specialty, Your Savings

For years we have been brokering the No Cost loan for our clients.


We recommend our clients choose a higher interest rate in order to have the credit from the lender cover the "hard costs" of the loan.

At first, choosing a higher interest rate seems to defy common mortgage wisdom; why pay more over the life of the loan to save a few thousand dollars now?

This especially rings true with borrowers who have the funds to buy the lower rate.

 However, when you consider most people sell their home or refinance before they see the benefit of their lower rate, the no-cost option starts to make sense.

Loan can be done with little-to-no closing costs.

Compatible with Conventional, FHA, VA, or USDA loans

Available with all lenders so we can find you the best rate and price combo


No-Cost loans can be done with a variety of programs and lenders.  Apply through our Blink portal or contact one of our loan officers to see if you qualify.  

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