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Stop paying rent to a landlord and start building equity in your own home. Combining our "1% down payment" loan and our specialty "no-cost" loan, we can get the average renter into a new condo using the month's rent that will be saved plus their returned security deposit as their 1% down payment. While most people assume a mortgage payment will be higher than rent, a quick calculation using our payment engine might surprise you.


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Most Condos in the Salt Lake area are between $100,000 to $300,000.
While you will only be providing 1% of the down payment, our lender will contribute 2%** for a total down payment of 3% 


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  • 1% down payment (This can be gifted from a relative if necessary)
  • Minimum 720 credit score
  • If first time home buyer, completion of Fannie Mae's home ownership course***
  • Property must be owner occupied. (If you are looking to buy an investment property click here)

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*based on 720 credit score, for accurate pricing contact one of our loan officers

**up to $5,000

*** unless you have already completed a Fannie Mae approved course through a HUD counselling agency.