1 Percent Down

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Get into a new home for just 1% down! Plus we'll throw in 2% so you start off with 3% equity. 



Get a loan with 1% down and the entire down payment can be gifted.

With Equity Boost the lender will contribute 2% toward the loan* for a total of 3% equity to start.

Applies to single family, condos, and town homes

*up to $5,000


  • Minimum credit score of  720

  • 1% for down payment (this can be a gift)

  • Property must be owner occupied. (If you're looking to buy an investment property click here)

  • If a first time home buyer, must complete Fannie Mae's home ownership course*


*unless you have already completed a Fannie Mae approved course through a HUD counselling agency.  

  • borrower does not require first-time home buyer status.  
  • borrower must occupy the property as their primary residence.
  • income from an accessory unit can be used to qualify.
  • non-occupant borrower income can be used to qualify (requires 5% down payment)
  • This program can be used for loans with less than 97% LTV.
  • gifted down payment must be from a relative.

Are you HomeReady?

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